Centerpointe 78 Project

Project Details

General Contractor: PacifiCore Construction

Website: PacifiCore Construction

Job Location: Centerpointe 78 – City of Escondido – Broadway & 78 Freeway

Construction Start: June 2017

Project Description

The project will redevelop the site with an approximately 43,500-square-foot market and a 3,200- square-foot restaurant pad. The market would be located in the western portion of the site and would include a loading dock on the western side of the building and the main entrance on the eastern side of the building. No restaurant building plans are proposed at this time; however, it is assumed that the quick-service restaurant would include a drive through wrapping around the eastern side of the building. To support these proposed uses, the project also includes 199 parking spaces, three access driveways on Lincoln Avenue, landscaping, signage, and utility improvements. The project would also include street frontage improvements along Lincoln Avenue, North Broadway, and at the Lincoln Avenue/North Broadway intersection. The redevelopment of the site would also involve demolition of the existing development, grading, and construction phases.