Land grading is one of the initial and most important steps of a commercial or residential construction project. Many experts call this process yard or ground leveling because of its ability to refine the ground and its surface to prepare it for a new construction project.

There are various reasons why land grading for residential development becomes important. It eliminates the damage caused to a building’s foundation by improper water drainage, allows you to create additional spaces like a driveway, and helps you set up the ground for a new residential or commercial property. If you’re new to grading for residential development, here are three dos and don’ts you should know about.

Do: Understand Different Types of Land Grading Processes

The first critical thing to consider before you hit the soil to start grading is that there are various types of grading processes that you must choose from. Every land is built differently. The most common grading types include grading for drainage solutions, grading for land excavation, and grading to smoothen the ground’s surface.

The best way to determine the right grading process for your land is by identifying its natural grading, the soil type, and the overall natural vegetation of the land you’re planning to grade on.

Don’t: Avoid the Long-Term Integrity of Your Property

Now that we know the various purposes builders and homeowners choose to grade land for residential development, it’s important to ensure that you’re not avoiding the future integrity of your land to achieve a temporary solution.

In other words, your grading efforts should always cater to the problems your land is experiencing by preventing them from reoccurring in the future.

Do: Protect the Residential Building’s Foundation At All Times

Lastly, you must grade your land in a way that it protects your land’s foundation at all times. In other words, your grading work should eliminate negative water drainage and ensure that there aren’t any pools of water and other damaging materials affecting your land’s foundation or causing structural destruction.

Whether you’re looking for grading for commercial projects or residential development, it’s crucial to work with a company that offers earthwork services that you can count on. Mountain Movers Engineering Co. is a leading earthwork company in California, helping its commercial and residential clients with their grading for commercial projects, small backyard repairs, screen wall installation services, and various other earthwork services in California. Check out more of their services and projects here, and contact them to learn more today!

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