Every ground is built differently. From flat surfaces to sloped ground with risks of land sliding and more, it’s crucial to determine when to ask for professional help. If you live in a region with slopey grounds that might be affecting the efficiency of the soil of your residential, commercial, or industrial development, it’s always a good idea to seek consultation and services from professional slope restoration experts. Wondering why this might be important? Here are three key reasons to hire slope restoration services.

To Fix Tension Cracks

Slope failure, unfortunately, doesn’t come with loud and visible warning signs. In fact, it eventually leads to damage and destruction when it’s too late to combat a catastrophe. One of the initial signs of the ground experiencing slope failures is the appearance of a tension crack. In simpler words, it’s a fissure that starts appearing adjacent to the face of the slope.

The length of a tension crack on the ground depends on the severity of the damage. It can be as short as 10 feet or as long as 100 feet or more. A tension crack is usually the first indicator of the fact that there’s a development of a plane beneath the slope’s surface that’s ultimately causing the slope to fail. Fortunately, hiring slope restoration services can eliminate this issue within a couple of days.

Mitigating Landslide Damage

Another significant reason to choose professional slope restoration services is that they can help you mitigate landslide damage. This is the defect and destruction resulting from a sudden downward movement of the ground’s soil from a steep slope or a cliff. It’s a hazardous situation that can put lives at risk if not mitigated promptly. 

The primary causes of landslides include increased moisture retention of the ground’s materials and an unstable slope. With the right slope restoration experts, you can have the damage evaluated and fixed as per your needs.

Eliminating Slope Failure

Lastly, slope restoration is the perfect solution when trying to eradicate slope failure once and for all. Generally, slope failure happens when a mass of soil moves outwards or downwards underneath an inclined surface. However, there are several different kinds of slope failures that restoration services can eliminate.

This includes rock flow, rotational shear, rock fall, and plane shear. The experts you hire will take a closer look at the slope and determine the slope failure type to propose a solution.

Whether you’re looking for slope restoration for commercial projects or residential development, it’s crucial to work with a company that offers earthwork services that you can count on. Mountain Movers Engineering Co. is a leading earthwork company in California, specializing in slope restoration, grading for commercial projects, small backyard repairs, screen wall installation services, and various other earthwork services in California. Check out more of our services and projects here, and contact them to learn more today!

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