A broken wall due to soil erosion

The topmost layer of ground is soil replete with nutrients and essential minerals for plant growth. It’s also referred to as the bearer of all life forms on our planet. However, several reasons can affect the ground’s stability and balance, leading to erosion and damage.

Ground erosion can happen in many ways. It doesn’t just pertain to soil erosion that leads to plant and crop damage. Ground erosion can happen anywhere if proper prevention strategies aren’t implemented to maintain ground balance.  

In this blog, our Mountain Movers Engineering Co. team has discussed the main reasons behind soil/ground erosion and a few effective prevention techniques. So let’s get into the detail right away!

Reasons for Ground Erosion

Here are the top reasons for ground erosion:

Harsh Weather

Thunderstorms and heavy rain is the leading cause of soil or ground erosion. Rain is essential to maintain plant growth and nutrition. However, severe and heavy rainfall events can lead to widespread ground damage. Rain and strong winds can also result in rill, gully, sheet, and splash erosion.

Raindrops disperse the softer layer on the ground and penetrate deeper ground levels. Frequent rainfall can create basins and potholes and prove quite hazardous for sloped grounds, especially in mountainous regions.

Earthwork for erosion prevention

Land Sliding

Land sliding is a common problem people face in hilly or mountainous areas. Earthquakes, rainfall, and storms make the ground fragile and cause a destructive movement of rocks and stones. Land sliding occurs due to the gravity influence.

Experts suggest that land sliding is a major reason behind mass wastage, but it’s entirely preventable. We offer high-end retaining wall installation and earthwork services in CA. You can talk to us about how to restore land sliding damages and prevent it from happening again.

Other common reasons that may lead to ground erosion include grazing, the soil type, deflation, and lack of vegetation.

Here’s how you can prevent ground erosion and its adverse effects:

  1. Plant more trees and shrubs to control water flow during monsoon seasons
  2. Invest in professional mulch matting to maintain the ground level stability
  3. Construct heavy-duty retaining walls to prevent floods, rain, and earthquakes from causing ground erosion
  4. Maintain a proper drainage system to prevent water from creating basins within the ground
  5. Construct an anchor wall for better protection
  6. Opt for a wire basket wall to prevent soil erosion and land sliding while improving your property’s aesthetic quality

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We’re a leading retaining wall construction company with extensive industry experience. Mountain Movers Engineering Co. has successfully built approximately 10 million SF of retaining walls across CA.

Our team specializes in studying every project’s unique requirements to curate a tailored solution. You can talk to us to avail high-quality and professional grading for commercial projects, slope wall repair and restoration, retaining wall service, and extensive land sliding repair.  

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