An eroded slope due to soil erosion

Every year, hundreds of people are injured, and many more are killed in landslides. Landslides can be caused by various factors, including earthquakes, heavy rain, snowfall, and soil erosion.

It is a destructive force that can affect large portions of the land, including roads, bridges,and buildings. In addition to being potentially dangerous to human life, landslides can also block highways and hinder search and rescue efforts.

Since landslides are a serious hazard to life and property in most parts of the world, here are things you can do to save lives and keep landslides from destroying your home:

1. Monitor your property regularly

The first tip is to monitor your property regularly. Do this by keeping a watchful eye on the slopes and the changes in their condition.

Other ways include:

  • Checking for cracks in the ground
  • Checking for loose rocks and debris around the home or business
  • Paying attention to weather conditions such as heavy rain or snowfall

This will help you indentify any landslides before they occur and keep them from getting out of control.

If you notice any subtle changes in the landscape, such as cracks or fissures, you should immediately call experts for extensive landslide repair services.

2. Design slopes using retaining walls to avoid the accumulation of debris and soil erosion

Poorly maintained and un-kept slopes are the major reason for landslides in the urban regions.

This is why retaining walls are built along the slope to prevent soil erosion. These can be made of stone, concrete, or other materials and work by holding back soil and gravel that would otherwise slide off the hill down into a valley or depression below.

So, if you have a lot of slopes on your property, opting for retaining wall installation services is essential to reduce the risk of landslides occurring on your land. You should also control surface water sources such as rain barrels and catch basins to prevent slope erosion.

1. Keep Your Property Drainable

Debris flows happen when heavy rain or snowmelt causes loose soil to move downhill without being held in place by trees, plants, or other vegetation. This can occur during storms or after heavy rains and snowmelt during springtime when plants have not yet returned from dormancy.

So, if you live in an area prone to landslides, consider keeping your property drains clear of debris and other materials that could hamper drainage. You can also plant trees and shrubs that will help hold back soil from moving downhill.

2. Reduce Runoff From Impervious Surfaces Using Earthwork Services

Impervious surfaces include paved roads, driveways, or parking lots. It also includes roofs covered with asphalt shingles and storm drains that carry water away from streets but don’t allow it to soak into the ground where plants and soil can absorb it.

Earthwork services can help reduce runoff from these impervious surfaces, including grading, rock removal, and erosion control.

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