a retaining wall with textured brick tiles and plants at the top of the wall

Is your backyard in need of some TLC? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Our experts can help you upgrade your backyard and prepare it for spring tea parties and summer barbeques. You won’t need to spend months or a massive budget to make a change; small backyard repairs can go a long way.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

Refresh Your Landscape

If you haven’t started work on your backyard, you should straightaway because it’s the best time to prune, clean up, and plant seeds. Since we’re just shy of the spring season, the planted seeds will have time to sprout and grow a bit before they have to withstand the summer heat. You can artfully plant hedges, trees, shrubs, and flowers to uplift your backyard landscape.

Moreover, a flagstone walkway, adding stone planters, and planting trees along your backyard walkway can transform your backyard landscape too.

Add A Retaining Wall To Your Backyard Landscape

A retaining wall holds soil on one side and is free-standing on the other, accommodating changes in backyard landscapes with uneven topography. So, if you’re looking to incorporate the slope in your backyard and yield more usable space for your plants, a retaining wall can help.

It can help level the ground above the surrounding ground plane, elevate your planting area, and provide better drainage for your soil while also creating a seat wall. So, you can lean against the wall, put smaller planters on top, and decorate it however you like. There are numerous benefits to this amazing heavy barrier.

a retaining wall with brick tiles and small plants in the soil next to the wall

Add Outdoor Lighting

If you want to enhance your backyard landscape and retaining wall, outdoor lighting can help. It increases security while highlighting your exterior effectively to ramp up your home’s curb appeal.

You can strategically place lighting around your trees, at the base of your retaining wall, or near privacy hedges to ensure security and upgrade the aesthetics in your backyard.

Install A Backyard Patio

Installing a backyard patio can also enhance your backyard and add more living space to your home. To create a patio in your backyard, you can add a dining table, cheerful planters, and other accessories to create a communal space. You can also install a concrete paver patio if you don’t want the rustic backyard look.

Mountain Movers Engineering Co. Provides Affordable Retaining Walls Installation Services In CA

Looking for retaining wall services in CA? Mountain Movers Engineering Co. can help. We have extensive experience with screen wall installation, retaining wall construction, slope restoration and repairs, and much more. We’ll use proper equipment and provide you plan showing proper drainage for your soil and discuss the construction process in detail.

Get in touch with us today to get a quote for your backyard landscaping project.


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