a retaining wall installed around a property

Both retaining and screening walls can add to a property’s curb appeal, but are they the right choice for your property? We’re here to find out.

These two walls serve different purposes. Retaining walls can help reduce soil erosion while adding usable flat space on a slope at your property. In contrast, screen walls can add privacy to your home and yard while providing airflow and protection from direct sunlight.

In this blog, we’ll discuss both walls and how they can enhance your property. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Retaining Walls Hold Soil And Prevent Erosion

If your property is not perfectly level with some slope in areas like your backyard and front garden, you can install a retaining wall to utilize the sloping surface and prevent soil erosion. The retaining will add a flat usable space on your property that you can use to add soil and plant small shrubs, flowers, herbs, vegetables, and much more.

Also, one of the best parts of retaining walls is the flat raised area that you can use to install raised planters to increase the aesthetic appeal of the wall and your landscape.

Screen Walls Add Privacy And Protect Your Home From Overheating

Install a screen wall if you want to unwind in the quiet of your house and garden without being concerned about being observed by nosy neighbors, people driving by, or onlookers. Since screen walls are often perforated, you can still see outside without issues. However, your neighbors will have a hard time seeing what’s going on inside your home.

A brick screen wall also acts as a barrier for your home during sunset and sunset. Your home will not get hit by direct sunlight and cause the interior temperatures to rise. So, your home will not get as hot, and your HVAC system won’t have to work overtime to keep your interior cool. However, if you want bright sunlight to filter into your home, you can add a perforated screen wall too.

a retaining wall on a property with shrubs planted at the base of the wall

Which Wall Should You Choose For Your Property?

Well, this depends on what kind of functionality you want for your property. If you require privacy, we recommend the screen wall. However, if you wish to enhance your backyard or front yard to add usable space to your landscape, we suggest installing a retaining wall.

Also, nothing is stopping you from getting both because they’ll ultimately add value to your property and enhance the landscape and curb appeal.

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