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It’s no secret that homeowners in California love their backyards. From swimming pools, patios, and gazebos, to trampolines, there’s no shortage of exciting ways to utilize these spaces. However, such additions can be jeopardized by natural events such as slope failures and earthquakes or natural processes such as erosion.

Repairing your backyard after such an event isn’t easy, but there are a few solutions you can turn to. Let’s examine a few backyard repairs CA residents can perform.

1. Installing Retaining Walls to Protect the Backyard

Installing retaining walls is a great way to limit the amount of damage your backyard sustains from slope failures or erosion. Such walls are strong and sturdy but require careful installation.

You will need to clear the area of vegetation and debris before excavating a trench and preparing a foundation of an appropriate size. The wall must then be constructed using blocks, stone, or wood before setting up an appropriate drainage system.

This retaining wall construction process must be performed only after carefully assessing the site and selecting the right materials. For this reason, it is best to leave it to a company that can perform small backyard repairs in CA.

2. Grading Terrain to Improve Drainage

California backyards can get flooded by heavy rain events. Such water can pool up and lead to the development of bacteria and mosquito swarms in their aftermath. California homeowners concerned about such flooding can improve their property’s drainage through grading.

This typically involves a combination of changes to the property. For example, the homeowner can create positive drainage by altering the entire landscape and ensuring water runoff moves away from the property.

Similarly, they can construct gentle depressions known as swales and raised areas known as berms to direct water away from specific parts of the backyard. Many companies that offer earthwork services in California would be able to get this job done quickly.

3. Constructing Gabion Walls to Prevent Stabilize Soil

Many California residents who live on properties bordered by slopes are at risk from soil erosion, causing slope failures. Installing gabion walls is one way to stabilize such slopes and prevent soil and rocks from damaging your backyard.

This installation process is similar to the one used for retaining walls. However, it also involves the use of wire mesh and filling gabions with material. This installation process should always be performed by experienced contractors with a firm understanding of slope stability and construction.

A photo showing a red lawn chair resting on grass near a brick wall.

California homeowners are at risk from many external elements, and they may need to perform the aforementioned backyard repairs in CA from time to time. If you need help with any of these repairs or would like to implement protective measures to keep your home safe, please reach out to Mountain Movers Engineering Co. We specialize in wall construction and grading and can take on your repair projects with confidence.

Contact us today to learn more about us and the types of projects we have completed.


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