Mountain Movers Engineeering Co.

About Project

Mountain Movers internally designed and then built over 32,000 square feet of MSE Plantable, Near Vertical, and Tiered walls throughout the 8 acre project. No Fines Concrete was used where Geo Synthetic Reinforcement grids conflicted with property lines. “No Fines Concrete” is a type of concrete mixture that contains little to no fine aggregate (sand). This can provide good drainage properties.

Earthwork consisted of having to blast and remove/bury over 50,000 cubic yards of rock and exporting 20,000 cubic yards of dirt were exported to finish grade 25 building pads. This project was complex and involved significant earthmoving and coordination with the wall team address any conflicts. The project was an overarching success for both Beazer Homes and Mountain Movers.

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