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We design site specific solutions to meet every need and application. We work with several manufacturers in order to provide the best possible outcome for your project. Our team has installed over 10 million sf of retaining walls throughout California. We are your one stop shop.

Hillside has successfully completed a myriad of projects ranging from residential to complex, highly challenging commercial and public works construction. Developers, architects and home builders, as well as commercial and industrial contractors come to Hillside because of our years of success and expertise in wall design and construction. Contact Hillside for a complimentary review of your upcoming project and we’ll help you supply the best, most cost effective solution.

Hillside has completed projects as high as 57′ tall for a rock crushing plant in Corona and as long as a half mile for a trail in Los Angeles. We enjoy challenging projects and like to furnish brilliant ideas that will make a project more financially feasible, and unique.

Can you imagine your favorite sports team winning every game? Or your favorite singer or band putting out a successful and amazing album every time? 3 Million square feet is a lot of wall. Not having any wall failures is an amazing feat – that’s the kind of success the best sports team would like to have – a 100% winning percentage.

For Property line, rock cut or other issues see the DSM Masonry and Specialty Designed Walls below.

DSM - Dry Stack Modular Masonry/CIP - Cast In Place walls